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Draught Range

We have a wide range of craft beers, most of which are gluten free and vegan and many are organic. Our new range of low alcohol beers will be available soon. All our draught beers reflect our guiding ethic – craftsmanship, tradition, independence and local sourcing.

Sussex Draught

Sussex is a well hopped traditional Pale Ale, it carries the ‘Warranty of Origin’ to guarantee our commitment to the highest quality local ingredients.

Saxon Draught

Satisfying full bodied lager brewed to traditional German purity laws using four hop varieties.

Pullman Draught

Pullman is brewed with finest Sussex grown malt, it delivers a first class fresh crisp bite, long on flavour with a silky finish.

Prospect Draught

Prospect is a traditionally brewed Pale Ale, with an intriguing bitter note, skilfully blended with Sussex grown barley malt.

Conqueror Draught

Conqueror is a stout full of character. It is a triumphant blend of flavours and rich as dark red rubies.

Blonde Draught

Blonde is an organic lager with a crisp, fresh flavour which makes it a perfect accompaniment to all food.