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Many aficionados of British ales are slightly suspicious of bottled beer; they feel it’s a bit of cheat if not imbibed in the local pub, sitting by a real log fire. But bottled beer provides true authenticity of flavour and character – and history. To the Indian Civil Service and the Military based in India and its surrounds, the arrival of a consignment of IPA – India Pale Ale- was a godsend, a taste of home, safe and gentle liquor in a sometimes harsh environment. Bottled beer was here to stay from the early 19th century onwards.

There are different ways to produce good bottled beer. Pasteurisation was one and ensures longevity, but it strips some flavour from the beer; it worked with some ales but not with others. In the 1960’s and 70’s the process did great damage to the British beer heritage. Lagers could take this handling; fine ales demanded more skill to retain their complex blend of flavours.

Bottled conditioned beers and carefully filtered beers retain the depth of flavour and provide keeping qualities. In the early 20th century, bottled beers were largely filtered or bottle conditioned. A bottled conditioned beer is a live beer: it is still fermenting and sits on a bed of the yeast that gently continues the process. These beers should be allowed to settle and then poured in one serve into a glass or jug so as not to disturb the sediment. Prospect and Noel are fine examples of this style of beer.

Hepworths also endorse meticulous filtration of their beers to avoid the taste-damaging effects of heat. A filtered bottle can be transported and poured immediately – although no shaking! – and so you can enjoy a bottle of real ale at home at any time.


0.5% LEAN POWERFUL LOW ALCOHOL ALE Spartan is an ale brewed to be lean on alcohol and full on flavour. A complex blend of both new variety hops and the noble variety Golding give the character of a full strength brew combined with the unique character of the agave plant. The beer is triple filtered […]


0.5% Aztec – low alcohol agave flavoured organic lager. Gluten free
Highly Commended in the Great British Food Awards 2021, the only beer highly commended in the low alcohol category
Vegan friendly
Low calorie
And Organic. Truly divine.


Award Winning APA with the Great British Food Awards 2021


Charger is a powerful, true IPA with impeccable integrity. A rich, resonant pale ale brewed in Sussex from local ingredients. Four British hops intertwine to deliver a dense and satisfying “nose” and the subtle interplay of aromas is perfectly balanced on the palate. Contains barley malt. 5.5% abv. Gluten Free Suitable for vegans

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is an American style Pale Ale, an APA, brewed with American Chinook and Cascade hops delivering a hoppy citrus flavour and is brewed to be Gluten Free. A wildly exhilarating ale! 5% abv.


Sussex is a well hopped traditional Pale Ale. Thirst quenching and traditionally brewed with the finest Sussex grown ingredients: malted barley, Golding and Admiral Hops. It carries the ‘Warranty of Origin’ to guarantee our commitment to creating excellent beers from the highest quality local ingredients.

Real Sussex ale!

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans


Conqueror is a stout full of character. It is a triumphant blend of flavours; sweet and malty, smooth as silk and rich as dark red rubies.

A show stopper, with a local history.


Pullman is a First Class Best Bitter from first class brewers. Using our traditional brewing expertise along with finest Sussex grown malt and Admiral and Golding hops, Pullman delivers a first class fresh crisp bite, long on flavour with a silky finish.

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans


Prospect is a bottle conditioned traditional Pale Ale, with an intriguing bitter note skilfully blended with Sussex grown barley malt to deliver a well balanced natural brew. The organically grown ingredients mature slowly to create a traditional real ale.

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans

Iron Horse

Iron Horse is a premium bitter brewed with Sussex hops. This wonderful Pale Ale is handcrafted from a complex grist of roasted malts and Sussex grown hops delivering full flavour ale with a traditional Sussex hoppy nose to the finish.

The result is an authentic craft beer, gluten free, traditionally brewed, with no compromise on quality, taste or strength.

Densely flavoured and very satisfying at 4.8% abv.

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans


Blonde is an organic lager with a crisp, fresh flavour which makes it a perfect accompaniment to all food.

The organically grown hops deliver a floral note to the brew, and the purity of flavour is protected by meticulous cold filtration.

This is a long, powerful brew with a firm body and a luxuriant head.

The result is an authentic craft beer, gluten free, traditionally brewed, with no compromise on quality, taste or strength.

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans

Daws IPA

Daws IPA celebrates the skill of award winning Sussex hop growers, Chris and Gill Daws.

Daws is a fine traditional India Pale Ale. A rich, resonant, multi-hopped pale ale, brewed locally from local ingredients. The subtlety of intertwining aromas is perfectly balanced on the palate.
Contains barley malt.

Gluten free naturally, without additives.


Satisfying full bodied lager brewed to traditional German purity laws using four hop varieties

Gluten Free
Suitable for vegans

Old Ale

Old Ale is a classic – pure and simple. Old Ale is a Sussex traditional winter brew, bottled for all year round appreciation.

Dark and full of roast malt character that is balanced with luscious sweetness and the bitterness of Admiral hops. This beer can be served slightly mulled.


Noel is a classic barley wine style, with a rounded palate sensation; well-hopped, with rich undertones from the Golding hops. This beer, a delight at first sip, will also mature over several years in the bottle – If you can resist!