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The chart below indicates allergy and other nutritional information for all our beers.

Last Updated: July 2019


The most likely allergens in beer are:-

GLUTEN (in malted barley and other cereals). In the traditional brewing process which we follow any gluten is largely broken down and the triple filtering process we follow with many of our beers deals with the rest. This means that whenever we indicate that a beer is GLUTEN FREE this has been achieved through a natural brewing process and not through the addition of any de-glutenising agent. The beers taste just as good as they always have done.

SULPHITES are sometimes used as an antioxidant. Here at Hepworth’s we take great care not to allow our beers to pick up oxygen and never need to use sulphites or any other preservative.

ISINGLASS is a clarifying agent used in most cask beers and in many bottle and keg beers. Whilst isinglass is derived from fish it is not considered an allergen owing to the careful cleaning process followed by the suppliers we choose. People following a vegan diet may prefer to avoid beers treated with isinglass finings.


We are pleased to announce the launch of a range of beers which will delight beer-lovers who are gluten intolerant, suffer coeliac disease or who wish to avoid potential allergens.

“It all starts in the field” says Andy Hepworth. “Because we forward contract our ingredients we develop a close relationship with our farmers and can be very specific about the planting and harvesting. We’ve selected a low protein barley – gluten is a protein. Traditional malting and brewing methods, when employed meticulously, result in the breakdown of the protein and then fine filtration removes any residue. We use no additives”

The result is an authentic craft beer, gluten free, traditionally brewed, with no compromise on quality, taste or strength.

Gluten free status and similar allergen information are noted on the back label of our beers.