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Visit Hepworth’s shop, on the Pulborough site, and open 10-5.30 Monday to Friday, and Saturday 10-4pm.

We have an exciting array of bottles, both our own and those brewed for other companies. Cask ales are on tap for you to fill up in 2 pint and 4 pint containers, and we also offer minikegs, which prove a very cost effective way to buy.

In addition we have local wines, gin and ciders. There are a variety of locally prepared jams and chutney, even local flour and chocolate. Our staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Do call in and enjoy!

Group tours can be reserved by contacting our shop and events manager;


Geoff Baker


Hepworth Brewery Shop

Stane Street,


West Sussex

RH20 1DJ


Tel: 01403 269696

Fax: 01403 269690



Wicker Gift Basket

We can make up a wicker basket with gifts of your choice from our selection. Perfect for special occasions.

10% off in store

Get a 10% discount on every full case of bottled beer you buy in-shop.

Loyalty rewards

Pick up a loyalty card from the shop, get it stamped every visit and before long you’ll have earned yourself a free beer!

Shout out for the Shop

Demand for our ever-popular Sussex, has been even greater over the summer, as it is such a refreshing, thirst-quenching quaffable brew especially at only 3.5% abv. We anticipate our Winter Beers to come into their own soon.

Brewery Tours & Driving

A point worth mentioning is we offer complimentary soft drinks, tea, coffee or low alcohol (0.5%abv) beers for a designated driver, whom might be chauffeuring or just accompanying you and your companions to our regular brewery tours. Our tours take place on the first Saturday of the month. Please call the brewery to to book on 01403 269696

Crazy Horse Offer

We have cases of 12 x 330ml 5% abv bottles of Crazy Horse American Hopped Pale Ale on special offer at present, so take a look on your next visit.

Hepworth Glass cut down web

Warm Beer? To Chill or Not To Chill – That is The Question?

I am asked this question a lot and the answer is . . .

It is up to you! We suggest a serving temperature for Ales at 13⁰ C. Any less than this and many of the flavours that are designed to be appreciated are lost, not discernible to our taste buds

That said, it is a personal preference, so, if you want a cold beer, you want a cold beer –

For Lager on the other hand, which is brewed  chilled, we recommend a serving temperature of 5⁰C.



3 carton gift box

Gift Packs

What to buy someone who doesn’t want socks – AGAIN!?

Our popular triple Ale Gift Packs are the answer

3 x 500ml bottles One each of Sussex, Pullman & Iron Horse.£7.50

Our Craft Beer Packs have 3 x 330ml Bottles and a glass.

Choose from Blonde, Charger, Crazy Horse or Saxon  £7.95

These gift packs are certain to please and are Far Better Than Socks!

Sussex keg

Want a pint you can ‘pull’ yourself …

Then you have options with our draught Ales on Tap, to serve at home

Available in Mini-Casks, Poly-Pins or Firkins

Nearly 9 pints, 36 pints or 72 pints. Prices from £17.50, £70.80 and £120.00, respectively

Great if you are having a Party or get together with family and friends. Please kindly note, that pre-ordering is essential for casks or Poly-pins


tap room

Tap Room Opening Night

Our inaugural Tap Room evening was a great success, with over 70 revellers enjoying our beers, wood- fired pizzas and live music from Emily Cooper. Especially as the weather was not the most endearing.

Delighted to say we are hosting again on Friday 6th December where you will have the opportunity to preview a range of Christmas Ales and sample a sledge of seasonal brews, hot food served  and listen to Emily Cooper.

Live music by Emily Cooper too. 


We put the ale in Sale with our  . . .
You don’t need 2020 Vision to spot a great deal!
We are offering Five separate case deals from £9.50 – 12 x 330ml bottles per case

CHARGER – Leading from the front of our Big Sale is Charger, Our powerful, full flavoured Indian Pale Ale at 5.5%abv A true IPA brewed with four hops  and locally sourced ingredients
Now at £12.00 a case

CRAZY HORSE – American (Hopped) Revolution !
We have four Zingy, Vibrant, Hoppy Ales – APA’s – with a hint of a citrus note – derived from the use of American Hops. Gluten Free, 5.0% abv

£9.50 per case

LUCKY LEAP – 5.0% abv
£12.00 per case

LAZY LIZARD – Gluten Free, 5.0% abv
£9.50 per case

Dry January – Low Alcohol Promo
Are you wanting to reduce your alcohol intake this month?

Then maybe we can help – Big on flavour, low in alcohol
Brewed on site for Big Drop Brewing, we are offering their Pale Ale – 0.5% abv – for a promo price of just £12 a case [12 x 330ml bottles] Other variants, all at 0.5% abv are also stocked in the shop at £17.28 per case We have: Lager, Stout and Brown Ale




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