Ingredients are simple and pure: Barley, hops, yeast and water, sometimes a little wheat or corn to vary the style. They are the traditional components of British Ales and we respect these traditions rigourously. We source all ingredients, where possible, in Sussex, a county of superb agriculture. Organic barley comes from the Goodwood estate and Andy regularly meets the Farm Manager to ensure the planting will yield correct protein content.
The barley is roasted to our own, very precise specifications.



But although apparently simple, the growing and selection of the perfect barley and hops is a major part of the Brewer’s – and the Grower’s skill. Hepworths forward- contract their requirements several years in advance, so the Grower is confident of future revenue and Hepworths is confident of supply. Our hops are from Bodiam, where the grower, Chris Daws, is himself a recipient of many professional awards. Andy can even specify from which part of the field the crop is harvested, to take advantage of sunlight and drainage. Even the water may need to be ionised differently for different styles of beers. Simple ingredients, but they need to be handled with skill.


Brewing Process

Hepworth brewing diagram+images